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National Smile Month 2020

12 May 2020

The Wrigley Oral Healthcare Programme is proud to again be supporting this year’s National Smile Month running from 18th May to 18th June 2020. We understand the importance of a good, healthy smile - they create a great first impression and allow us to connect with others confidently. It’s been proven that the condition of our teeth can make a big difference to how often we smile, so it is important to keep them as clean and healthy as possible!

That’s why we are committed to improving the oral health of the nation. For decades, we have provided education and resources about the things we can all do to keep our mouths healthy. Through this website, you can find learning materials, created in conjunction with the Oral Health Foundation, for children to help explain why our teeth are so important and how to look after them.  

As our snacking habits change, we know that our oral health routines must also adapt. We are working with organisations like the Oral Health Foundation to help patients improve their regular oral healthcare routine between brushing through one extra simple and enjoyable step: chewing sugarfree gum after eating and drinking. 

While we have made great strides in some areas, tooth decay continues to have a huge economic, social and societal impact. As we face such difficult times as a nation, and around the world, a smile is such an important way to communicate with those around you. The Wrigley Oral Healthcare Programme remains committed to doing everything we can to promote good oral health care and keep the national smiling. 

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