CPD Quality Assurance Statement

This statement outlines the Wrigley Oral Healthcare Programme’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) module creation process, to ensure our modules are consistent in their quality and development, and to assist in furthering the career development of dental professionals.

All of the CPD modules available on the Programme’s site are developed in partnership with subject matter experts, including academics and leading dental professionals, and are based on evidenced discussion and materials. The educational aims, objectives and learning outcomes for each module are developed by these experts and are reviewed to ensure they are appropriate and relevant for the target audience, and that the content adequately reflects the aims of the module. The educational aims, objectives and intended outcomes of each module are published in advance of the module content and are easily accessible for any potential participant to review before embarking on a course, so they can assess the relevance of the module in advance. We strive to ensure our modules are of the highest quality and supported by expert knowledge and understanding, to educate dental professionals on the important role of prevention in good oral health care.  

We welcome feedback on our CPD modules. If you have completed one of our CPD modules, we’d love to hear if you think the module has achieved its stated aims, or if you have any ideas for how the module can be improved. To give us feedback, please complete the form on the contact us page.