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BSDHT-Wrigley Company Foundation Oral Care Community Service Grants

19 June 2018

The Wrigley Company Foundation has been working with the British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy (BSDHT) to extend the Oral Care Community Service Grant Programme to the UK.

Community grants of up to £1,500 have been awarded to three projects supporting oral health promotion and projects within their local communities:

  • Ruth Potterton for her Dental Buddies: One Step Beyond campaign

Developing teams of children as 'Dental Buddies', who will learn about their own oral health and how this impacts on general health, esteem and self-confidence. The Dental Buddies will champion oral health within their setting, at school and at home.

  • Melanie Smith for her Healthy Smiles project

Working with local children’s centres, schools and homeless centres to educate and support the community in safeguarding against poor oral health.

  • Frances Marriott for Oral Health within the Dementia Discovery Zone

Providing a non­clinical oral health education and information service within a city centre social enterprise setting supporting people living with Dementia and their carers.

The Wrigley Company Foundation is a global initiative, which focuses on improving the wellbeing of people across the globe. It does this through the deployment of grants programmes focused on oral health, environmental stewardship and local civic needs.

Since its founding in 1987, the Wrigley Company Foundation has positively impacted millions of people around the world, donating more than $70 million USD to nonprofit partners.

All the reports from the winning projects will be available to view at the Oral Health Conference and Exhibition, to be held on 23-24 November at the Telford International Centre.

To find out more about the Wrigley Company Foundation and BSDHT grant, visit the BSDHT website or contact

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Visit us at the 2018 British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show

14 May 2018

The Wrigley Oral Healthcare Programme is delighted to be showcasing its commitment to protecting smiles and promoting better oral health at this year’s British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show from 18th – 19th May 2018 at the NEC, Birmingham.

It’s our mission to help patients improve their oral healthcare routine between brushing, through one simple and enjoyable extra step: chewing sugarfree gum after eating and drinking. At Wrigley we are passionate about this and aim to provide information and practical resources to help all dental professionals promote healthy oral care.

You can visit us as at our stand (B54) and collect materials to support oral health conversations with patients, learn more about our CPD modules, sign-up to our newsletter, and receive samples of Wrigley’s EXTRA® sugarfree gum. There will also be a short interactive survey where three lucky delegates can win a year’s supply of Wrigley’s EXTRA® sugarfree gum.

The Wrigley Oral Healthcare Programme will also be sponsoring the Networking Lounge at the conference where you can meet with other delegates and enjoy some refreshments.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Wrigley Oral Healthcare Programme is proud to be silver sponsor of National Smile Month 2018

14 May 2018

As a National Smile Month sponsor for the 6th year running, the Wrigley Oral Healthcare Programme is delighted to be showcasing its commitment to protecting smiles and promoting better oral health. We understand the importance of a good, healthy smile - they create a great first impression and allow us to connect with others confidently. It’s been proven that the condition of our teeth can make a big difference to how often we smile, so it is important to keep them as clean and healthy as possible!

The campaign running from 14 May – 14 June 2018, channels positivity and promotes the true value of a smile, not only for its benefits towards physical health, but mental wellbeing too. However, our busy lifestyles mean that we are often eating and drinking on the go and not doing enough to protect our teeth afterwards, placing them at risk of tooth decay. It is our mission to help patients improve their regular oral healthcare routine between brushing through one extra simple and enjoyable step: chewing sugarfree gum after eating and drinking. 

The Eat, Drink, Think report published in 2017 by the Wrigley Oral Healthcare Programme highlights the gap between our eating and drinking habits and our oral care routine which may not be sufficient to protect our teeth against tooth decay. The report revealed that adults are eating more frequently with 83% consuming at least one snack between meals.

Therefore, when brushing isn’t an option, chewing sugarfree gum for 20 minutes after eating and drinking can help to protect teeth. Chewing sugarfree gum doesn’t just keep our breath fresh, it increases the amount of saliva in the mouth, which helps to neutralise plaque acids and wash away food and drink particles. 

By supporting National Smile Month, we not only want to highlight the importance of a healthy mouth but also have lots fun doing it!

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New research: public health guidelines for oral health are not aligned with today’s eating habits

18 October 2017

A new report has revealed that current public health guidelines for oral health are not aligned with our eating and drinking habits. The gap between what and when we eat and drink, and the measures we take to protect our teeth may be a contributing factor to the high prevalence of tooth decay. Tooth decay continues to be a major problem in the UK, placing significant burden not just on individuals but also on dental care professionals, the NHS and society.

Data from a new independent survey shows most respondents (83%) consume at least one snack between meals and almost half (48%) enjoy two snacks or more per day, however no oral health intervention is made after 56% of morning snacks and 60% of afternoon snacks1. Taking into account this ‘grazing’ culture, it suggests that our oral health routines may not be sufficient and further interventions are required.  

The Eat, Drink, Think report recommends that the current guidelines should be broadened to ensure that people are taking the necessary steps to protect their teeth when they are most prone to plaque acid attack and when brushing is not possible.

Dr Ben Atkins, a general dental practitioner, says: “Brushing twice a day remains the single most effective preventative oral health measure, but as the Eat, Drink, Think report indicates, eating and drinking habits have changed and patient’s attitudes to oral health must adapt too. The use of sugarfree gum can supplement existing oral health routines, and this should be reflected in the current guidelines.”

To download and read the full Eat, Drink, Think report visit the Research & Evidence section on the website. For further information on the report and on the benefits of chewing sugarfree gum, please contact:

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